Multiple Choice Exam to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Lindsay Sidders Hodgins is from Edmonton and is currently a PhD student at the University of Toronto (but don’t hold that against her). She is also the Rally Correspondent for The Past Is Unwritten, and as such she went trippin’ on down to The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear held this past weekend in Washington, D.C.

I sat down with Lindsay in Internetland to ask her about her experience at the rally. I then took that interview and turned it into a multiple choice exam.  You’ve been to the rally/watched it online. You’ve read about the rally on Fox News/Al Jazeera. Now take the test.

Hint: A/C/D/C  is NOT the pattern the answers follow. And answering all Cs will NOT give you a passing grade.

1. The people travelling with Lindsay were from

A) Maryland
B) Montreal
C) Chicago
F) Toronto
G) All of the above

2. When they got into D.C. on Saturday, the folks in the city were:

A) Dressed for Halloween
B) Excited for the rally
C) Very polite and friendly  
D) All of the above

3. Lindsay saw which sorts of people at the rally:

A) Old people
B) Young people
C) Babies!
D) Blacks
E) Hispanics
F) Asians
G) Whites
H) All of the above

4. What was the crowd like at the rally?

A) Everyone was happy
B) It was totally squished
C) People said “excuse me” and “sorry” and not “get outta my way”
D) Folks were cheering for Stewart & Colbert
E) The only troublemakers were the young adults sitting on the port-o-potties
F) All of the above  

5. The reason Lindsay says she went to the rally was:   

A) To urge the return of reason
B) To urge the return of responsibility
C) To urge the return of positive change
D) To show solidarity with her American friends
E) To show solidarity over the issues at hand
F) To experience something that has resonance in Canada too
G) Because what happens in America matters to the rest of the world
H) All of the above

6. The following pictures of signs at the rally reflect

A) Social grievances that are relevant in American politics
B) Issues of engagement related to the midterm elections happening 2 November
C) Both of the above, as well as humor and creativity.



Canadian politics could use its own Rally to Restore Sanity? 



1) G
2) D
3) H
4) F
5) H
6) C

Bonus Question Answer: Don’t fear choosing your own

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