hype from the house show

 When I walk into a room, I always hope that when I open the door there’ll  just happen to be someone playing great music to a full house jam-packed with people enjoying the heck out of it.

Now while this doesn’t occur as often as I would like, fortunately this very thing did take place last night.   

Steph Macpherson was playing a show at my friends’ house. It was rad.

And NOW, she needs your help!

You see, when Macpherson isn’t making people really happy when they open the door of a room and find her playing, she’s making a darn big mark on independent music in Canada. And with your help, she could make an even bigger one.  

At the house show she was performing with Julien Funk, Brody Irvine from Wool on Wolves, Tyler Butler  AND Ariane Mahryke Lemire.  

Macpherson’s also opened for Tom Cochrane and Colin James, and this summer she won the OurStage.com competition and was selected to play at Lilith Fair in Vancouver.

Fresh off that success, Macpherson has been shortlisted to the top twenty artists in the PEAK performance project. This is a very big deal, since doing well in the competition will give major financial backing to her considerable artistic talent. How well she does depends on how many votes she gets from people like us.

Recent innovations to technology has taken the power out of the hands of big record executives and given them to everyday folks like you and me. So I guess we should maybe go ahead and use it.  

Steph Macpherson’s myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/stephmacphersonmusic 

Vote in the Peak Performance Project:  www.peakperformanceproject.com 

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