once you, were in my…rearviewmirror

Here’s an article on the pullout of American forces from Iraq leading up to the deadline at the end of August. It’s heavy on the hindsight and even has its own soundtrack!

Iraq in the rear-view mirror

Read the Los Angeles Times article here

Speaking of hindsight, here’s a little speech from 19 March 2003…And a song to listen to while the speech is playing…

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2 Comments on “once you, were in my…rearviewmirror”

  1. “Politicians, historians, columnists are taking stock. Again. What went wrong? Most things. Whither Iraq? It’s already withered. The resilience of Iraqis is astonishing, but history and geography work against them. The U.S. is leaving at a good moment and can be upbeat without too much ridicule. The bar has been lowered and by now Iraqis are tired to death of it all. But even the young departing soldiers were ironically mocking in their declaration of “victory” as they crossed the border into Kuwait. They, at least, get the joke – everybody lost, nobody won this war.”

    “What went wrong in Iraq? Most things.”


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