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The Short-Long-Short on the Sounds of Old Strathcona Festival!


Anyone in Alberta not coaching a swim meet in Wainwright this weekend should be in Edmonton.

Why? Well other than it’s nice there this time of year and people care a little less about millionaires skating around on ice than usual, there’s a great music festival happening called Sounds of Old Strathcona, or SOS Fest. It’s pretty much the best thing happening in the world since whenever the last time something really great and special happened.

Musicians will be taking over the pubs, restaurants, parks and anywhere else they can fit all around Old Strathcona from 9-11 July. Over 140 performers are slated to play in more than 21 venues.  

Link to SOS Fest website

One big highlight of the festival will be the PEOPLE POWERED PARTY hosted by Music is a Weapon and United Cycle. There will be music from bands like the Frank. These bands will be on a stage. This stage will be run by people riding bicycles.


That Tom-Tom Club bought all the Wack Slacks, Fuzz, Plats and Kickers!


Way back in 19 and 92, just over a year after Nirvana’s Nevermind was released – “Grunge” was declared a “Success Story” in the New York Times. The article was aptly titled… “Grunge: A Success Story.”

Written by Rick Marin and published on 15 November 1992, the feature story on the style and fashion of grunge  traces its beginnings as “a five-letter word meaning dirt, filth, [and] trash” all the way to Seventh Avenue in New York City where it became the focus of Marc Jacobs’ “spring Perry Ellis collection.”

Hence, the “success” can be explained by this mathematical formula:

expensive fashion designer + good-looking models + other people cashing in = SUCCESS

MarcJacobs Grunge


It’s in the Constitution…Isn’t it?


Have you ever had somebody cite the United States Constitution to you as justification for something stupid they’ve said? Have you ever cited the United States Constitution as justification for something stupid you’ve said?

Well don’t worry because everyone has done it. Here’s a handy website for next time, where you’ll find:

1) The US Constitution

2) Things that are not in the US Constitution

red white and blue upon a birthday cake


A song for the day after America’s birthday:

the Killers – Sam’s Town (on Abbey Road)

I took a bullet and I looked inside and
Running through my veins
An American masquerade

I still remember Grandma Dixie’s wake
I’d never really known anybody to die before
Red white and blue upon a birthday cake,
My brother he was born on the 4th of the July

Nobody ever had a dream round here
but I don’t really mind that it’s starting to get to me

I see London
I see Sam’s Town