American Justice?

Here’s a link to an opinion article written by Timothy Egan called “the Last Firing Squad.”

The piece tells tales of executions out on the American Frontier – state sanctioned killings carried out by the noose and by gun-slingers. Not all the stories are from way back in the Wild West though – two are from the last twenty years, and one of those is from last week.

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2 Comments on “American Justice?”

  1. Trex McGee Says:

    A firing squad is barbaric but I think it should be the only form of execution used. If these old testament gimps can’t stomach it, then maybe they should stop killing people. Its too easy to watch someone get an injection & peacefully drift off to sleep. Its a cop out. What kind of society is supposed to accept judgement from a government that lowers itself to the violence of the transgressor.

  2. Somebody in the Taliban must have misunderstood some Bob Dylan lyrics…

    “Afghan couple stoned to death”

    “In Bold Display, Taliban Order Stoning Deaths”

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