Shameless Promotion for Edmonton’s Common Ground Arts Society

This past Friday 9th April I found myself in a part of town far, far away from the University of Alberta (aka across the river and OVER TWO STOPS on the LRT). I was on an intrepid expedition to find the Avenue Theatre, where the second edition of the “Edmonton Show” was being held that evening.  Battling the elements, hunger, and a rapidly dying ipod, I made it to the theatre and found what Bono must have surely been looking for the entire time.

Friday night of The Edmonton Show II* was the second of three evenings of music and art being put on by emerging local artists, on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of April. And boy was it ever GOOD. The event was put on by the newly formed Edmonton’s Common Ground Arts Society in an effort to showcase great grassroots talent. According to the information handed out at the theatre, “all participants in the organization are volunteers,” and I believe it, and not just because I always believe anything I read. Everyone involved in the event from the organizers, the performers, to the people making the popcorn were obviously deeply committed to making the DIY event a success.

And a success it was. The cost for attending was by donation. Art was everywhere. I missed it, but apparently there was a great puppet show early on. There was even a guy that played in the dark with Christmas lights all over his body. Thursday evening was lucky to have a bunch of great musicians perform, and on Friday night D12 was put to shame by Mikey Maybe & The Joe. I’d be willing to bet my student loans that Saturday was pretty rad too.

Wool on Wolves finished Friday night of the Edmonton Show II off with a great gig- those guys are going to be larger than Oprah (if not in size than at least in terms of popularity and influence with Barack Obama). The Avenue Theatre was the perfect venue for Wool on Wolves and the 15 acts that performed before them, and the person doing the sound really knew their stuff.

16 performances in one night for whatever you can afford.  About 30 in total over the three nights. Unlimited popcorn. Not too shabby. Spread the word and get involved so the next Edmonton Show is even bigger.

*The Edmonton Show II was, at the title may suggest, the second series of shows put on. The first was back in February, where musicians like super talented Julie Jonas performed.

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