My Sources Indicate…

In the important, innovative, and of course GROUNDBREAKING field of punk research, compiling a competent list of interesting sources is a vital part of any project. Luckily, a few weeks ago I met a gentleman and scholar named Christopher L. Parsons, and he offered to send along some sources he thought might be beneficial. He posted them as a comment on another subject, but I reckoned we could start a section dedicated to listing sources associated with this incredibly profound field of study. Heck, we could even provide some commentary on each source so people have an idea of what they are getting into. Here are the sources Parsons suggested:

Sociologist who has done ethnographic studies of straight edge:

Book of interviews with late 80s (mostly east coast) Youth Crew folks:

Steven Blush’s book is also alright. It’s the basis for the documentary that came out a few years ago but it ignores most of the straight edge bands and the more college kid-centric bands and really tries to portray a teleology of a scene that culminated with the Cro Mags. He also inserts himself into a lot of places where he probably doesn’t belong:

An article I would like to add to this list is called”Do-It-Yourself Mobilization: Punk and Social Movements” by sociology professors Ryan Moore and Michael Roberts, in the publication Mobilization: An International Journal 14(3) 2009: 273-291. 

In the article, Moore and Roberts explore the links between music and social movements by analyzing the Rock Against Racism campaign in Britain, and the hardcore punk and riot grrrl scenes in the United States. They stress the importance that the DIY punk ethic and fanzines had in movements – essentially they nicely sum up in a short article what I spent the last two years running around North America doing research on! It’s a great read and looks like the start of a much larger project for the two professors, which makes me think I should probably write my thesis ASAP.  

So if anybody comes across any sources they think might be worth checking out, are profound and insightful, or not worth the effort to read, please add them on here!

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One Comment on “My Sources Indicate…”

  1. chris902 Says:

    I totally forgot about this website but re-found it while looking for something else:

    You would obviously have to go back and confirm the authenticity of most of the interviews from the original sources, but it’s an excellent reference and an easy website to get lost in.

    Other stuff:
    John Joseph’s totally crazy autobiography: (He’s apparently very willing to talk to strangers so you could probably get a hold of him easily)

    I haven’t read this but it looks good and is from an actual academic press:

    Schism zine compilation:
    It’s out of print but can be found fairly easily elsewhere.

    I haven’t read this either but the Anthrax always sounded like a cool venue (and was definitely pretty crucial for suburban east coasters)

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