Canadian Network Of Musicians

If you aren’t on Facebook yet, this could be just the thing to push you over the edge and join the dark side. This Facebook group, “Canadian Network of Musicians,” was created by musician and gentleman Denver Swainson in order to encourage connections between bands touring through Canada. Canada is kind of a big place, and often the only way bands can mount a serious expedition across the country is to get support from other musicians – for help finding venues to play, places to crash for the night, etc. An underground¬† network was created in America in the 1980s, and not only did bands end up surviving, the national scene ended up thriving with little aid from mainstream institutions. Hopefully that can happen here too.

Find the Facebook group at: Canadian Network of Musicians

Look up Denver Swainson’s band the Frank at:

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2 Comments on “Canadian Network Of Musicians”

  1. Lisa Anderson Says:

    I just joined and invited all my musician friends to join too! Yay for musicians working together!!! Thanks so much for passing this along Rylan.

    By the way, as I was perusing my list of friends to see who I should invite, I noticed that many of us had listed “love” under religious beliefs (myself included)…it’s like this group was tailor-made for us haha!

  2. xolager Says:

    Good idea, but I’m still staying off facebook ;-)

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