This was Not a Conference

On Friday 5 March 2010, the Graduate Music Student Association and the History and Classics Graduate Students Association joined forces to hold a combined panel as part of their respective Graduate Student Conferences. Held at Dewey’s, a pub on the University of Alberta campus, over 175 people showed up to “This is Not a Conference” to watch presentations, hear music, and of course drink beer. Big Rock Brewery graciously covered the expenses to ensure that all proceeds brought in from the $5 cover at the event went directly to support local music.

Videos of the event “proceedings” were made, and can be found here:
Ncounters: This is Not a Conference

Here are direct links to youtube for my presentation entitled “Punk and Protest: Direct Action and the Role of Music in the Counterculture of the 1980s.” Any criticisms and insights on the talk, or ideas on how to better present to a group of people drinking in a pub, are more than welcome.
This is Not a Conference: Rylan Kafara (part I) 
This is Not a Conference: Rylan Kafara (part II)

The themes of the two conferences were:
GMSA: NCOUNTERS: Living in a World of Sound and Noise
HCGSA: The Past is Not Yet Written: Innovative Approaches and New Ideas in Historical Research

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2 Comments on “This was Not a Conference”

  1. chris902 Says:

    We met this past weekend at McGill and I thought I’d pass along a few of the various books I mentioned when we talked:

    Sociologist who has done ethnographic studies of straight edge:

    Book of interviews with late 80s (mostly east coast) Youth Crew folks:

    Steven Blush’s book is also alright. It’s the basis for the documentary that came out a few years ago but it ignores most of the straight edge bands and the more college kid-centric bands and really tries to portray a teleology of a scene that culminated with the Cro Mags. He also inserts himself into a lot of places where he probably doesn’t belong:

    Best of luck and I’ll keep following the blog.

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